Aurika, Algirdas Seleniai ir  šuo Džiugas.

2012 m. Palanga.

Aurika ir Algirdas Seleniai.

2013 m. Lietuvos kinematografininkų sąjungos apdovanojimas

"Už švietėjišką kūrybinį darbą".

Aurika ir Algirdas Seleniai

Lietuvos Kinematografininkų

Sąjungos Prizo laureatai - 2006 m.

Už animacinį filmą "Čigonas ir drakonas".









ALGIRDAS SELENIS -  film director, artist, screenwriter, novelist, producer.

Lithuanian Filmmakers Union - since 1999.  In 1997 -2003 worked Lithuanian film studio, animation film director, created his animated films. Since 2004 -VŠ.Į. "Animation Studio" producer, film director, artist.

In 2005 - awarded the status of the artist. Lithuania Independent Producers Association since 2007. Lithuanian Filmmakers Union Animators Guild Trustee, Board of Trustees since 2007 -2008. In 2008 - Lithuanian Film Academy Film Awards "Silver Crane" jury member. Since 1997, has 18 royalty movies: 13 animated, one-length feature (short film), and 4 experimental documentaries. We have also held three solo exhibitions of his works of art in Lithuania. Participate in exhibitions abroad. Literary works (poems, prose, journalistic, critical articles) published Lithuanian press ("Year", "Literature and Art", "Face", "The Republic”,” Lithuania knowledge” etc.).  In 2001 released his debut satirical works of the book "House arrest."

In 2008 released on DVD "Lithuanian legends and myths" - a set of animated films from 1998 to 2008.

Since 2010 by Cultural Support Fund project "Lithuanian animation dissemination and promotion of regions” conducts lectures and animation workshops for children and young people in Lithuanian schools and cultural centers. Participate in international cultural projects, presenting Lithuanian animation. In 2012 attended by the Lithuanian Association of Artists in the project "High School cultural impulses” (AKIM).


 AWARDS: International film festival "Cinema Spring" a/f  “ Nykšt-pykšt-tukai "- Z.Šteinio  Prize for the best Lithuanian animated movie (1999).

International Animated Film Festival Tindirindis award-winning animated films: "Maiden of Vilnius,”, “Neringa”,” Samogitian genesis" - the award for the best royalty film series (2003.)

Animated film “Egle, Queen of grass-snakes "- watching a diploma in international film category ( International film festival “Tindirindis” -2004).

Animated film " Gypsy and the Dragon "- a jury awarded a special diploma for the artistic expression of folklore theme (International film festival “Tindirindis” -2006).

Animated experimental film " Magus” awarded for experimental solution (International film festival “Tindirindis” -2007).

In 2006- Lithuanian Filmmakers Union Prize for animated film “ Gypsy and the Dragon "- from to 2006 for the best animated film Lithuania...

In 2007 International Short Film Festival Opera Nouvo-No Words "(Italy) -  animated experimental film "Magus” voted among the 14 best experimental films from 45 countries around the world, the program “BestShortFilmExperimental ".

Animated film “ The Song "since 2009 nominated for the Silver Crane award( Lithuania).

In 2013- Lithuanian Filmmakers Union Prize for animated film “Jūrate and Kastytis "- from  to 2013 for the best animated film Lithuania...

In 2006- animated film “ Samogitian genesis” and “ Egle the Queen of grass-snakes " was running the American Lithuanian television channel ALTV (Chicago). In 2006  animated film  "Gypsy and the Dragon" was broadcasted on LTV LTV, LTV2 channels. In 2009 all the animated films were shown on television LTV2 LTV, LTV WORLD channels. In 2013 all the films were shown on the national TV channel CULTURE .



In 1998, a / f “ Horsethief’s trickery”(3.5 min.)

In 1999, a / f " Nykšt-pykš-tukai”(8.5 min.)

In 2000, a / f “ Maiden of Vilnius” "(5 min.)

In 2001, a / f "Neringa" (5 min.)

In 2002. – a.f “Samogitian genesis”"(5 min.)

In2003 - a / f "Egle the Queen of grass-snakes" (7 min.)

In2004, a / f "Female" (Pilot 2 min.)

In 2006 a / f  “The Gypsy and the Dragon "(6.5 min.)

In 2007, a / f  “Lithuanian mythological gods "(11 min.)

In 2007, ex / f "Magus" (5.5 min.)

In 2008 a / f Lithuanian mythological beings"(6 min.)

In 2008-a / f " Songs" (7.5 min.)

In 2008 - doc / f "Winter Sonata" (12 min.)

In 2008- doc / f "Port Gate “ (8.5 min.)

In 2010 - a / f "Bubblegum" (30 sec.)

In 2010 -a / f “ The brave Domertas" (Part I, 6 min.)

In 2011 – dok/f  "Animated film Lessons for Children” (40 min.).

In 2012 - scenic -experimental film "The Rooster and the Hen" (4.5 min.)

In 2012 -experimental film "Help me" (2.5 min.)

In 2012 –a/f “Jurate and Kastytis” ( 2,5 min.).


Important festivals and cultural events involving A.Selenis the works that list:


Krok” - Ukraine, Russia 1999, 2002.2004; "De Clermont - Ferrand - France, 1999; " CINANIMA - Portugal in 2002 ; The Moscow Film Forum-2001, 2002, 2004, 2005; "CINEKID"-Holland 2004; "Leaves"-Belarus-2002, 2004; "ANIMADRID - Spain 2003," The MIFA in Annecy - France in 2004;  The Europen home-Paris, France in 2004; Finnish Institute of the program "Fairy Tale in all forms" - France 2004; "ANIFEST" - Czech Republic 2004, 2006; Tehran International Film Festival, Iran, 2005; "ZLIN" - Czech Republic 2005; Leipzig International Documentary and Animated Film Festival, Germany 2004, 2006; CARTOON CLUB - Italy 2006, 2008, "Amiens - France 2006, 2008; “ Opera NUOVE-NO WORDS "- Italy 2007" ; Fredrikstad - Norway 2008;  "BRIXENART FILM FESTIVAL - Italy 2008; " AnifestRozafa - Albania 2010; "Zubrofka-Poland in 2010; Seinai White synagogue-event "Stories Kolekcja Bajek-Pogranicza Stories" - Poland 2011; Event "Lithuanian fairy tale evening" - Czech Republic  in 2011; 54th Venice International Art exposition, the project "Behind the White Curtain" -2011.



Cartoons vere featured in festivals and forums from these countries:


USA, Engglannd, Holland, France, Spain, Iran, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Norway, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Czesh Respublic, Estonia, Sweden, Albania, Hungary, Greece.




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